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Life Counseling provides expert mental health counseling services for children and adults in Northwest and Northeast Arkansas. We exist to contribute to the emotional well-being of families and individuals, regardless of their circumstances. Our deeply-experienced, compassionate team of licensed professionals live to serve the mental health needs of our community.  

Our years of experience have shown us that behavioral health challenges are preventable and treatable whether related to stress, anxiety, depression, childhood abuse, family & relationship issues, addiction, or any other factors. Recovery is possible for everyone we serve and we hold that hope unyieldingly for those suffering, even in times when it may be difficult for them to grasp.

 Our behavioral health professionals operate at a pace that aligns with the individual needs, desires and goals of the people we treat. We believe that the most effective healing relationships are informed, respectful and built on a strong foundation of trust and support. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you engage with any of our caring professional mental health care counselors at Life Counseling.

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We Transform Lives

Professional mental health care touches lives, and changes futures. Mental health issues and disorders when left unchecked can lead to downward negative spirals, broken relationships, job loss, homelessness, poor physical health, and even death or suicide. But given purposeful attention, professional care and support, those struggling with mental and behavioral health issues can see their lives transformed.   At Life Counseling, we work towards helping people resume those life roles they may have lost due to mental health challenges whether that be employment, family relationships, or just as an individual with a healthy sense of mental, physical and emotional well-being.

All of us possess certain strengths, talents and resilience characteristics that enable us to overcome what can sometimes seem like unsurmountable challenges. We help those facing mental health issues identify those unique strengths within themselves to and create a foundation for them to build on throughout treatment, and for the rest of their lives.


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Fayetteville Phone: 479-332-4557 

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Rogers Phone: 479-372-6464

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