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Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions

Are you still sticking to those New Year resolutions you made at the start of 2022? Were your goals realistic? Many of us feel pressured or obligated to set big goals at the beginning of the new year, only to “fail” one month later and punish ourselves for it.

Having unattainable goals results in increased anxiety and depression. Why set ourselves up for disappointment? Instead, we should set intentions. Setting intentions offers more grace and compassion to ourselves.

Here are some intentions you can set for 2022 that will create the growth you’re searching for:

  1. Reduce the stressors in your life to free up mental space and improve wellbeing.
  2. Practice self care when feeling down. Have a plan for what you will do.
  3. Celebrate your small victories.

It’s the end of January and maybe you’re new year is not going as planned.  Let’s trade our big new years goals for small life adjustments and let go of self-criticism

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